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Thank you for your interest in the Musicians' Association of San Jose Local 153 of the American Federation of Musicians. Professional trading platform in the Philippines We represent the Professional Musicians of the South Bay & Central Coast.We are your source for quality music of all types. Our members are true professionals, dedicated to providing top quality live music and ensuring the success of your event.

The Musicians Union Local 153 is a labor union for professional musicians. We strive to improve the economic status, social position and general welfare of our members. We serve the following Bay Area locations: Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Clara, San Benito Counties and a portion of Alameda County. Membership is open to all musicians and vocalists who work part-time or full-time in pop, rock, country, jazz, classical, folk or other areas of music making.

We are affiliated with the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM).

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Alert About Non-Union TV Show: The Choir

There is a company traveling around the country attempting to hire our musicians for the purpose of recording music for a new television show (The Choir), based around the production of choirs.  binary options indicators The AFM has been in contact with this company (Shed Music US) for the purpose of signing the appropriate AFM Agreement for this show.  Unfortunately, they have chosen not to sign with us and have managed to slip into three of our Locals that we know of and record their shows.

It is imperative that you advise your members that this is not an AFM covered production and to remind everyone that to perform services in the absence of the applicable AFM Agreement is a violation of the AFM National Bylaws and subject to severe penalties. 

Our offices will continue with our pursuit to resolve the signatory issue with this production, and will advise everyone if there is a change in its non-union status.   If you are approached by anyone regarding employment on The Choir, or if you have additional information about this production or further questions, please contact our office at 323-461-5401. 

Info-fusion by Laura Caballero

In a perfect world, all the members of Local 153 would have their profile up to date, complete with current emails and links to their professional web pages. The public would come to this website to browse local talent as they set out to entertain guests at weddings and company events and other functions. In an effort to bring everyone together, I will be posting interesting finds from the internet. I would love it if you would forward me any links you stumble upon so they may be added to our site.
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